Well, where has the time gone? Rapidly anyway… and I  have been a bit behind on my blog. However!  Something quite magical and rare is happening at present and it will already be impacting  the enticing, sometimes addictive, subjects of  love, money and creativity.

So as not to blind you with too much technicality, the gist of it is  a rather beautiful movement of  Venus. There is a striking connection with 8 years ago when it  retrograded  at almost the same degree as it is doing now –  24 degrees of Gemini. So, as a starter take a look back at what was going on for you in the late Spring of 2004 – May /June time.  Similar feelings or events rear their heads now and give us the opportunity to  resolve internally those issues, endings and lessons. Maybe to reflect on them and have different emotions regarding them.

Venus goes retrograde about every 18 months – the last time was October 2010 – and lasts for 40 days.  An interesting number – 40 – as it correlates with initiation, retreat and tests.  The 8 year cycle links with Venus forming a pentagram shape in the sky – a 5 pointed star. From the perspective of Earth it looks like a rose. Awe inspiring,   as our ancestors linked Venus to the number 5, the pentagram and a rose. How did they know that without the technology we have today? ?   So let’s take a quick look at what Venus represents for us… that lovely lady  is seen as joyful, hedonistic, abundant and attractive – in matters relating to love, money and artistic talents.  And naturally she is the archetype we hope will keep manifesting in our lives!

In her 40 day journey into the underworld when she is retrograde (appearing to retrace zodiacal degrees), she brings up the pain of unhealed emotional wounds, disillusionment, loss and anything festering! In myth, she is seen in her guise as Innana of the  Babylonians, Kali to the Hindus, Ishtar in the mid East, and Persephone to the Greeks. In those stories, the goddess in question descends to the underworld, is stripped of attire and possessions. She returns ‘changed’ and with the awareness that the prettiness of the exterior isn’t always permanent.   To know the essence of Spirit and love means  seeing beyond the appearance of things.  Venus is equated with pleasure and valuables  and these transits remind us of  a different sense of value and the possible richness that comes from loss,  emptying and the  honouring of  the  primal feelings which are normally covered up.  The more we hold on the harder it is to let go, but allowing the process of accumulating and emptying, of separation and return we can love  and ‘ have’ in new ways.

When Venus retrogrades we are encouraged by our higher selves to connect with our divinity more, to experience a re awakening of deeper values and a recognition of what  – painful though it is – we are  ready to release or let die.   As we approach the Sun/Venus conjunction on June 5th (west of  the UK) and 6th June here in UK and eastwards of it, Venus starts to rise with the Sun each morning. She is in front of the Sun facing the earth and a very bright mirror (right in our faces)  showing us warts and all how generously we love, forgive and flow.   As you pass through this time feel the symbol of the rose opening its petals with the warmth of the Sun inside you. Ideally, watch the Sun  as it rises those two days and mirror it being loved by Venus within you.

Gemini is the sign of curiousity, variety, learning, ideas,  multiple choices and the words ‘what’, why’, where,’ how’ . The keyword is discernment. May I suggest using  discernment during the period mid May to end of July?  The retrograde period is from 15th May to 27th June – watch the latter date when Venus goes stationary and then direct in motion for more intensity with relationships and self value. The so called ‘shadow’ period when it retraces the degrees it retrograded over lasts till 31st July.  This is an  equally important time.

So how best to work and cooperate with this cycle? As Gemini is observant and curious, remember  to be just that…. you may notice old loves or other important bonds re appearing to be resolved , or seemingly fated / karmic – soul  connected – new people appearing. With the latter, they may be permanent or may just serve a purpose for a while. Sometimes there is a past life link.

Even where we think we have concluded situations they may re appear to lovingly tie up loose ends. Be open. Ideally, don’t get caught up with the ‘idea’ of love or need and  don’t weave wistful fantasies. Be open, play and be curious and wait and see. These people are re routing our direction or mindsets and that indeed, may be sufficient .  Unresolved issues in existing relationships rear their heads (not such a bad thing! ) and sometimes an ending may be the biggest gift to you and partner.  Rather than working out ‘why?’  allow the dynamics with people to unfold. An organic process is at work now.  More than anything it is a time for resolution. Not judgment or misunderstanding but a gentle recognition of ‘what  would love do? ‘

Less flair, and less emphasis on outer image and spending may be apparent now.  A good time for clearing out excesses, even for those more hedonistic amongst us.  Self love as we move further into June time coupled with a growing self respect will develop.

With retrograde movement, the universe  often seems to have alternative plans to our expectations.  We don’t always like it but it has the last and wiser say.  Particularly at the mental – Gemini – level, take time now to let go of mindsets and ideas that are overloading you  and fixing your world view.  New possibilities, choices  and information come along.  Hold them lightly till they settle into synthesis and form and be the observer till then as later Summer will clarify these.  Remember discernment and  the benefit of waiting.  Review the thoughts you have been carrying around and take a rest from them. We can so easily become a cluster of ideas and thus get rigid.  Be less concerned with what others think and what you have accumulated or want to achieve and value beauty and inner richness.  networking really pays off now and creative team projects. Lots of ideas bouncing around.

Creatively, you may be finding a desire to renew or get back to hobbies, talents and your personal uniqueness. Like a child or young, eager pupil, play and have joy with these.  Financially, if things have been sluggish, you may see a movement forward, but generally re adjustments are the norm. Cutting our losses , earning in ways which reflect our values more and   valuing what we already have rather than what we don’t yet have, will be a biggie this Summer. Noticed it already?? A new way of using resources and possessions may be developing  and new trainings and skills appeal. With retrograde Venus in Gemini,  re learning and looking at things with new eyes and ears serve us well.

So we have this fascinating cycle between mid May and  early August to  learn new things and approaches to love, and to let go and re evaluate in very new ways. Ironically, by sometimes saying to ourselves  that we don’t know we actually  learn  best, and things start to fall into place because we get out of the way.  Worth a try?

Legally there may be a slowdown in negotiations so  take that thought into the equation if that is a part of your life now.  It’s not so much there is a cut off point on July 31st  and everything changes, but rather after that date and indeed during the journey to it, the growth of awareness and a new way of looking at our relationships, past and present, our negotiations and stress around money will create more clarity.

A recognising that even though  our angers and judgments of others  have seemed valid, there is  a growing  realisation now that just maybe we are experiencing our shadow sides as projections onto our partners and the things we ‘don’t like’ in the world.  Venus is graceful and as she dances with the Sun on June 5th/6th, accept any endings inside or outside with that same grace and be thankful for the people an valuables that dance  in our lives short or longer term.

Other Venus retrograde cycles which you might like to look back on are as follows:

April 1st 1993 , November 2nd 1994, June 10th 1996, January 16 1998, August 20th 1999, March 30th 2001, October 31st 2002, June 8th 2004, January 13 2006, August 18th 2007, March 27th 2009,  October 29th 2010, June 6th 2012 and-  to come –  January 11th 2014, August 15th 2015, and March 25th 2017. Loosely look at a month either side of those dates also for effects.

I will write again in the first week of June to track this journey further!  feed back very welcome.

Till soon