This month of May brings a sense of new fertility and creativity to mind  A month of general re wiring of our thoughts and values is approaching which will help to unravel some of the uncertainties around..  Also,  in the northern hemisphere abundance and joy in nature’s growth and increased warmth.

So what are the planets reflecting to us at this time of  changing currents and shifting sands?

People say to me “Oh no, Mercury is retrograde again, and Mars  is as well! When will things improve? And why am I staying in outmoded relationships, jobs etc  just because of fear there might not be anything better?”

Let’s look at those points and put them in better  perspective: .Planets in retrograde are part of life’s rich cycles and help us re wire and re tune our everyday ways of approaching life. A shake up and an opportunity to revisit ideas and re frame situations are likely. Reminders of things overlooked and  in need of an MOT or overhaul will occur. If we have been lax about rectifying and backing up data and commitments, Mercury is  a timely reminder. The other four retrograding planets- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, assist in helping us make necessary changes.


Mercury goes retrograde three or more times a year for about three weeks on each occasion;  knowing this allows our inner authority to make some shifts in our outer as well as inner lives. If there are ‘ trickster’ like Mercury happenings – delays, alterations and indecision –  so be it as quite often they work to our advantage in the longer term. We look back and see there has been a need for such things. People  may re enter our lives, lost objects can be found, and we have a wonderful opportunity to review  our lives and activities and harness the intuition – our inner satnav. Of course go  ahead but look at the details and use discernment.

So, this mercurial body went retrograde at 6.20 pm BST on 28th April and will  turn  direct on 23rd May. Just over three weeks.  Use this time wisely and pace yourself. Everything will then  get done with  grace and an inner relaxed attitude.


The slower moving planet, Mars, our warrior and go getter risk taker, has a slower retrograde term. We have till the end of June, when it goes direct again, to re assess ( the prefix RE wants a big say with retrograde times)  how we choose to assert ourselves and deal with any inner or outer  conflict. Energy can be lower and resiliance  needed, so taking  tips from the more spiritual martial arts techniques  – how to be strategic and creative with conflict and confrontation – is advisable.  Pacing self and being centred  when stamina is weaker is paramount.

At present there are five planets retrograde: surely a good time to think and act differently?  On 9th May Jupiter will go direct and  we will feel an expansive energy which we can use, especially with  trade and travel. Take time to allow the right things and people to come in.


On  May 9th we can see Mercury cross the face of the Sun ( Don’t look with naked eye) shining a bright beam on communications on the world stage . The combination of Jupiter  going direct  on that date and highlighting public figures and beliefs, and Mercury – how we agree , don’t agree and communicate from that basis- bring to the foreground truths and clarity about on going political and societal  matters. Many of us are choosing to bring about big changes in our worlds, relationships, residence, career etc. We are really on ‘the move’ this year. The general air of unsettledness can challenge us to embrace the tides of change or feel like drifters. What do you choose?

The New Moon on 6th May in Taurus forms a  lovely earthy grand  trine with Jupiter  and Pluto empowering our sense of security and strengthening our purpose. A good date for seeding new ventures and reinforcing worthy ones!

The Full Moon on 22nd May sees a strong opposition between the Moon and Mars in Sagittarius  to the Sun in Gemini.  Mars is closest to Earth at that time and it is wise then to avoid projecting stuff onto others! Faulty reasoning and mind sets can  learn that truth transcends right and wrong and judgments.  The alternative is to squabble or fight even with self or the outer world!

Einstein talked about ‘holy curiousity’  and, if we can  be wide eyed at the mystery  of not knowing, I truly believe we will receive the  answers which have been there all the time and which we clouded our vision to. Our minds are so clever aren’t they, creating stories and opinions  about our selves which are not useful. The bringer of authenticity, Saturn is currently in the sign of Sagittarius, the translator of information and the creator of making meaning   out of the parts of the whole. In its journey through that sign we are being encouraged to choose useful stories and find meanings in ways we had hitherto ignored.



With the on going square – 90 degree angle of tension – between Saturn and Neptune until 17th June, we experience a build up of the pull between boundaries and limitlessness.  Many of our belief systems are being challenged,  not least where we have over extended ourselves and  need to consider ( the word consider means ‘with the stars’ in latin)   how to consolidate, and have healthy limits. The EU referendum approaching on June 23rd is an example in point.

Fear is never a good adviser and, in our personal lives as well as with global issues,  sensing the accuracy of  and exploring the information that comes our way is vital.  It is no surprise that there is a general air of uncertainty around.  And this pair of planets mirror that uncertainty. Don’t let’s forget that the lovely word excitement can replace not knowing.  Honouring our unique specialness and knowing  that although we can indeed be susceptible to collective thoughts  we can choose  to move away from the soup fog of  others and the media’s anxious messages. That  is so  rejuvenating and creates the glow of  finding oneself again.



The word tenderness comes to my mind  when I hear the comments about uncertainty and  frozen feelings regarding  making changes.  Tenderness softens inner resistance and allows timely change.  It’s not weakness, The more we rush at present, mis aligning with life,  the more we lose certainty and answers.  It’s up to us whether we want to grow up and take self responsibility or run around in circles of thoughts making everyone dizzy! As the song goes’ Try a little tenderness’

Feel that word and observe how your body and facial muscles respond!



Re vamping is always useful and in recent weeks I have re vamped my website It has had a facelift and on it you will find testimonials and interviews, videos and  talks. I hope you enjoy catching up with my ongoing career – I love the idea that a path,  a career, with an authentic heart walks besides one like a dear friend. Over 37 years I have certainly found this to be the case.
I realised decades ago that the controversial zone of  astrology is a treasure trove of wisdom, psychology and the cycles linked with nature, finances, bodily rhythms and creativity. The articles and other information on my

website highlight this. Do take a look as my ‘baby’ grows with its aim to inform  and help.



To conclude this blog, I want to mention  a colleague who brought so much to the  astrology world  – Jonathan Cainer –  who  has just left this world  on 2nd May,  at the age of 58. He spent decades writing sun sign columns in national newspapers and in  books, and doing tv and radio work. He was  indeed a celebrity.

Above all, I loved how he translated the language of the stars into everyday words and gave wisdom and perspective on world matters through his writings. Translating any language  demands care and  skill, as well I know, and Jonathan did a superb job of that.  As  a double Sagittarian, Sun and Rising sign,  with a powerful Moon in Scorpio, he certainly had knowledge , philosophy and foresight to share,  and so he did, sometimes with a light touch and often with great  depth. But always with insight and educational aim. We shall miss him and his huge contribution to the   astrological world.


With my warmest wishes