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This blog is more of a long article! I would encourage you to read it all – or in portions – as it covers some of the huge changes coming up for many years.

There are huge changes and awakenings this particular year which are being mirrored by the movement of planets into new signs.  They are encouraging us to grow in awareness, be more conscious and ask more questions.

Curiosity is a wonderful gift to have and I would like to suggest we use much more of it this year. It keeps us healthy and young!

I hope you find it of interest and that you can apply the ideas and astrological messages to your life.



As we entered nature’s and the astrological new year of Aries at the spring equinox on March 20th, we became aware of the shifting movement of inner and outer tides.  The next day on 21st there was a new moon in Aries. A re-energising process has started.

Our bodies are from nature and we cannot help but be stimulated and more conscious of change in the air.


Do we need any more change, we might ask, with the past few years having thrown so much of that our way, personally and societally?  In some ways the world gets more dis associated and in some ways more ‘in our faces’.   We are equally fascinated by the stories being enacted on its stage, and wanting to withdraw from its relentless upheavals, fear mongering, self-serving politics and the need for more and more power and money. Not a pretty picture!

The centre does not hold – as the poet T S Elliot wrote. Do we just patch up the centre, or do we go more deeply into that gap, nurturing wiser richer roots, thus creating a strong pivot enabling, like the Sun at the centre of its solar system, to ensure more harmony and balance?


The air of uncertainty has got stronger and I do believe we are being encouraged by our higher selves to think much more for ourselves now, to question what we are told and be more centred in our own authority. Opinions are not necessarily facts. And there are so many opinions floating around aren’t there! They create divisions unless one has healthy debate and discussion.

Being centred in our own power is going to be a big theme in the coming 20 years until 2043.  Why 20 years? The last 15 years with Pluto (power) in Capricorn (management, goals and control) saw much power being given to authorities and systems.

We now reach 2023 with big questions about the underlying motives of corporations and governments and the bigger picture.  Look out for connections between 2008 and this year as we travel through it!  For example, the present situation with some banks collapsing reminds us of the situation in 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn.


In my blogs I often refer to the ingress of a slow moving planet into a new home/zodiac sign. In this blog Pluto is definitely the star of the show. But I shall refer to the other giants too – Saturn and Jupiter. Pluto has the longest orbit around the Sun – 248 years to be precise  – and mythologically as god of the underworld, its energy is intrinsically tied up with metamorphosis and the handling of power.

Each sign Pluto enters expresses its transformative, rebirthing power in different ways. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in the late 1770’s.  Cast your mind back to that historical time period; there was the French revolution –  which totally changed the structure of society – the Age of Reason was ushered in, the industrial revolution and the gradual build up to the American Civil War. And much more. That time period was named the Age of Enlightenment, with science making big steps forward.

‘The People’ rose up and demanded change!  If we don’t learn from the past then the future repeats this past in some manner – this applies to individuals, relationships and society.


Aquarius is the sign of awakenings, freedom-seeking and invention. Whether that is your sun moon or rising sign or not, Aquarius rules an area of your horoscope – the area of life you deal and interact with.  Over the next 20 years Pluto will highlight this. For people born around 21st January or whom have planets in early degrees of Aquarius they will feel this imminently.  This also applies if you have planets in opposition to and 90 degrees to these early degrees.

Important economic and political change and events will be huge. This change can appear disruptive and will test the last three years – when both Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius, setting the stage for new rules and dictates.

The lock down situation encompassed these and also introduced an expansion of technology and digitalisation and working from home dictated new forms of communication, mainly Zoom. The world became a closer place and yet more cut off and isolated!


Aquarius rules ‘the people’, groups, team playing and individualism. The people will have the power, not hierarchies. Equality – égalité – (which was a key word of the French revolution in late 1770’s) is dear to its heart. When groups become ‘us and them’ problems arise. Pluto energy can be very obsessional in its beliefs and expression.

What we don’t need in our lives starts to get pruned, and it is time to pay off debts, both karmic and financial. Things cannot stay the same, though we often try to keep them that way.

We get a chance to peruse and reflect as Pluto slips back into Capricorn from 11th June until 21st January 2024. Then it moves slowly forward again through Aquarius until it retrogrades into Capricorn from 2nd September till 19th November- where it will finally stay in Aquarius until 2043.

We can expect much more space exploration and the development of AI – artificial intelligence. Revolution will be a big keyword.  Knowing how to be a unique individual, yet be part of the community and play ones, part is vital for this time period.


Just as in the mid to later 1960’s when Aquarius’s ruler Uranus was conjunct Pluto, the drive to change society by giving more power to the people led to protests and small and large revolts, there will now also be positive change as well as fanatical reactions!

As the god of the underworld rises up now to meet and converse with the sky god Uranus, revelations and the revealing of secrets and cover ups related to control will come to attention bit by bit.

Technology will develop in ways we couldn’t imagine and physics will see major breakthroughs.  Dark matter will be understood more. Our understanding of energy and its transmutation, including our relationship to death, longevity and the afterlife, will also see breakthroughs.

These will be explorative years indeed, and the important thing will be to not let the cerebral mind rule the heart. The opposite and complementary sign of Aquarius is Leo, which astrologically rules the heart.

Transformation, both personally and of the world rather than just ‘getting back to normal’ after 2020-2022, is needed. Creating new centres in ourselves and the restoring of harmony from the fragmentation present in societies, will be our task.  It is easy to bury our heads, comply too easily and think difficulties will be over soon. Sometimes complying and not questioning keeps difficulties from not ending!

Historically, Pluto in Aquarius sees profound times within all areas of life – politics, inventions, astronomy, the financial and banking world and culture. If Leo marks the centre of things or a person, then its polarity sign, Aquarius, marks the periphery and far flung frontiers and edges.

It is by going deeply into what has and is falling apart, and with integrity creating a new and stronger centre with the heart, that we can re-imagine a new world where cooperation, kindness and trust reign.

Interestingly, two Pluto in Aquarius cycles ago back in the 1500’s, Copernicus declared in 1543 that the Sun did not go around the Earth – it was indeed the centre of the solar system. A big realisation! We all know that but back then it came as quite a shock, and the publication of that knowledge was highly criticised by the Church.

Major cycles of the planets, as they enter new zodiac signs, mirror major events on Earth, and this year we have also the two teacher planets Jupiter and Saturn entering new signs. Jupiter has a 12 year cycle, and Saturn a 29 and a half year one.


Saturn links with form, structure and boundaries. It entered the watery, boundary-less sign of Pisces on March 7th after nearly 30 years. Take a look back to 1993 – 1996 for connections to now. We have the opportunity to give form and discipline to our dreams and imagination more in these coming years, and not just indulge in ‘what ifs’ and pipedreams, by either putting them to rest or implementing them!

I recall writing astrological articles back in 1993 about the first female priests being ordained. Pisces – a feminine sign – links with faith and belief and needless to say there was a lot of contention about this.  This prompted hysterical reaction from the priesthood, and some even abandoned the Church of England for the Catholic Church.


What dreams do you want to manifest now? What creative projects are ready to become public and get recognition in your life?   What shape do you want these to take? Pisces, and its ruler Neptune, govern the vast ocean of oneness.  A good honest look at our boundaries – whether they are healthy or leaky – and how we structure them will be advisable.

Pisces and its ruler Neptune are shapeshifters. However with Saturn in their abode now the more mutable part of us is being encouraged to sustain, mould and manifest our dreams and creative impulses until 2026.

How good are we at going with the flow – trusting our intuition and our higher self? Can we really pull back veils of conditioning and find authority inside ourselves and listen to the higher self rather than outer authority?


It is no coincidence that the teacher planet Saturn entered the Pisces zone of belief patterns and longings just after the full moon in early March. Also, no coincidence that Pluto entered Aquarius, the zone of awakenings and freedom from old ways, two days after the new moon on 21st and the Spring equinox on 20th. The moon cycle from new to full and back to new phase again, is an excellent timer and clock, worthy of ushering in the entrance of these large planets into new signs. We can liken this as a welcoming of new time spirits with their timely messages and themes.

There has been a certain tiredness, if not exhaustion, these past months. A sense also of waiting for something, with part of us hibernating as we wait.  Have you felt that?

At present all the planets are direct in motion till later April. We can start to become clearer of our direction and initiatives now.


 Between this late March and the second week of June, intuitions, events and decisions will foreshadow what the next 20 years of Pluto’s sojourn in Aquarius will be like.

Why? Well, as I mentioned, Pluto will retrograde into Capricorn from June until the new year of 2024.  This will complete unfinished business, and the clues will be present for us to note between late March and mid June with the first impulse of that cycle. What is ready to come to birth now?

Aquarius is the sign of the forerunner and of curiosity. Fear stops curiosity, so by harnessing and utilising our ‘Curious Mind’ rather than getting bogged down with worries, might well regenerate and re-invigorate our mental and physical wellbeing.


Jupiter enters Taurus on May 11th until 24th May 2024.  The timing of the rooting of ventures and projects is ideal then. Taurus loves to make things stable so this will be helpful as the volcanic planet Pluto steadily raises issues to the fore.   Astrologically Pluto rules volcanoes, as well as the ash left over which fertilises new land!  How does one balance breakdown with new systems and order? We shall see!

Health, water and its cleanliness, the pharmaceutical industry, addiction matters, films, images, the co-dependency of victim and rescuer (personally and with the migrant situation), and faith and trust are going to be significant issues in the times coming up. These are all Piscean themes.  With Jupiter in earthy Taurus from May for a year, practical and resourceful approaches will start be used and appreciated.


Four eclipses on 20th April, 5th May and 14th and 28th October, herald a need to clear the decks and prune what has outlived its time.  I mention these as eclipses are always messengers of change, often bringing endings and beginnings, whether within our attitudes or through external events. On those dates as eclipses zap the Earth’s energy fields, so also do they weaken our energy so it is useful to rest more and not overreact to tensions.


This is a transformative year to be embraced rather than feared. Yes, there are challenges and a need to uproot some stale habits, as well as looking with clearer eyes at the dramas being played out on the world stage. Pull down some of the veils and appearances and, with the x-ray vision of Pluto and the clarity Aquarius can provide if we allow it, we can claim some of our own power and build a new relationship with life, leaving behind the uncertainty many of us have been carrying around for some years now.

Power can be easily abused – history stands testament to that fact- but it is a beautiful energy when used wisely and with love.

With the entry of Pluto into Aquarius (the sign of community, friendship and humanitarianism) we have the opportunity, even if things seem to get worse before they get better, of envisaging a more cooperative world and a win – win situation. It starts at home of course, and gentle power and seeing self and others with new eyes help birth the new ‘You’.

Wishing you a creative Springtime with timely new beginnings.



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