Welcome to my latest newsletter about our companions – the planets – and their current messages at this pivotal time!

We are now in mid-November and, at least in the UK where I live, it feels a bit like a ‘water world’. Rain is incessant. I am a water sign myself but, as with many people I am talking with, recently there is present at many levels a sense of wading through waters which want their own way – as tides do. We need patience and cooperation with the larger movements which lie under the surface. Many old structures and ways of thinking are dissolving and vulnerability, fear and their flip side of anger and resistance confuse and distort. We easily see the top layers and not the deeper metamorphosis.

In recent blogs, I have written about the Game Changers at play and at work in the heavens. The outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, and their boundary marker, Saturn, have been changing signs or lining up, ushering in new energies which promote transformative change and breakups of old orders and habits. Going with the tide and being good navigators as we approach 2020 serves us better than blaming and feeling out of control.

I especially wrote about the need to be a parent to oneself and have a firm yet gentle sense of authority.  How well are you doing with that?

So where are we now with the cycles of the planets as we move towards the end of 2019? We are rapidly approaching a major conjunction of Saturn and Pluto and reality checks are speeding up. It sounds heavy but when we are prepared to have clarity, self-responsibility and to  ‘grow up a bit’, we can in this coming year reach a greater sense of freedom – at least at the personal level.

Many countries economies and institutions are crumbling and it is easy to fear chaos, Yet the natural law of change is at work and is timely, and what is fertile under the surface – the deeper tides – can create with the passage of time new approaches and a greater sense of independence and cooperation. These are early days…


Uranus, the rebel and change bringer, in the sign of earthy Taurus this year and for the next 6 years, mirrors are inner activist, protector of nature and core values.   The awareness of what we have done to our Earth and the selfishness and myopic vision which became complacent is being addressed more and more. Huge weather changes are at work all over the world. The weather mirrors our collective emotional body. At a personal level have you noticed how when you are feeling blocked or emotionally over the top things, ‘happen in the home’ ie; flooding, blocked pipes, electrical problems and the like?

Our bodies are from nature and they give us signs internally or project our emotions onto the environs around us very easily.


As we go into the new year there is a lot of Capricorn energy around. Pluto, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ceres (Earth mother and dwarf planet) are conjoined there, especially around  January 10th  at the lunar eclipse time.  Old habits want a sabbatical! The highest aspect of Capricorn is the wisdom born of experience. No matter our age we can contact it in silent moments of grace and gratitude. The lunar eclipse in Cancer allows us to give birth to a new sense of self-nurturing. This self-nurturing then creates the capacity to nurture others and our goals.

The desire to construct in new ways and look at the roles we play in relationships may surprise us shortly.  We all role play to some extent and easily adapt these roles into relationships – personal, home life, work and groups. A need to change these and bring fresh air into communications will carve new paths – but steady foundations are the key here.

This autumn has seen soul tiredness and apathy more present than usual. A need to retire more, reflect and get a different perspective on life’s needs demands that we pace ourselves better and follow our instincts. When we try to distract ourselves we feel rather clogged in the process so, in truth, this latter part of  2019 is valuable in as much as we come home to ourselves more – even if some home truths are unpalatable.

Space for the imagination to have a positive say, space for intuition to have its proper place and space for pausing,  knowing that life won’t pass us by,  is a  sacred matter.


At the end of October Mercury moved into its thrice-yearly retrograde motion.  In the sign of Scorpio, it is retracing degrees of the zodiac until 21st November. Its shadow period lasts till 6th December so don’t just rush forward after 21st, although you will notice progress in the areas where you are now expecting delays or re-edits or miscommunication.

When we retrace our steps having lost something in the street whilst out walking, we have the opportunity to find it, and so it is with Mercury’s retrograde three week period.  Lost opportunities, lost objects can reappear as so can people from our past.   If you visit a place during this time it is more than likely you will return to it!

We need reflection and pauses. It is only our brains who ignore that need. So it is timely now to breathe more deeply in all ways and think outside the box.

On a very practical note do back up data,  double-check equipment, plans and travel arrangements and be discerning with purchases as they may need to be returned for some reason after Mercury goes direct in motion! Cancellations can prove beneficial.

The rewords apply strongly now.

Jupiter enters pragmatic Capricorn on Dec 2nd and amplifies the other planets there in that sign as we move into January. Any areas connected with authority, government and big business and organisations will be in the headlines. Maybe that is an obvious statement with all the upheavals going on with leadership and politics in the world, but the coming together of powerful planetary influences suggests a restructuring at the core level. Patience, a keyword for Capricorn and its ruler Saturn,  is a major player and necessary as we go through 2020.


The Capricorn solar eclipse at the new moon on December 26th GMT activates the past and old feelings. It also activates the need to address self-respect issues. Needless to say, these next couple of months are significant for a restructuring of our feelings, our inner and outer home (what does home mean to you…?) and our goals.

Whether you are born under the sign of Capricorn or to one of the three signs in strong angle to it – Aries, Cancer and Libra –  the energy is posited in your birth chart by transit this year and next. Some area of your life is ready for change, a pruning of deadwood,  and a reclaiming of power and authenticity. If you would like to find out more, please contact me at info@ysanne.com


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Have gentle days in these changeable times as we move toward the end of the year. Honour your vulnerability yet know how strong and authentic you really are!

Distinguish between the  Essential and the non-essentials from hour to hour, and feel that lovely open space within you which gives clarity and connection to the heart.

I am here to help you with timing, decision making and self-understanding.

With my warm wishes,