Ysanne Lewis Metamorphic TechniqueA NATURAL HEALING THERAPY


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What does it help you with?

Via gentle massage of feet, hands and head linking directly to the memories stored in the spine during the gestation period, healing and growth takes place.

An opportunity to get back on track with your life when you feel off kilter, out of alignment or indecisive!

Clarity when you’ve been stuck, habit bound and are resisting the changes your inner being wish you to accept.

As my astrological work hugely involves the concepts of change and growth, I chose in the Ysanne Lewis - Metamorphic Techniqueearly 80’s to work with a beautifully simple but powerful healing method called the Metamorphic Technique. For many years now I have used it to treat people. I have also taught groups. Out of all the therapies around, I was drawn to it because I really believe in the power of our innate healing energy to know what is best for us. The word, metamorphosis, entails the shedding of old ‘skins’ and the emergence into new life.

This therapy arose out of reflexology via Robert St.John and has been developed by Gaston St. Pierre since the 1970’s.  The Metamorphic Association was founded in 1980. It can be used for physical healing, psychological and spiritual growth, particularly being valuable at stages of life when some kind of transition is taking place. i.e: work and relationship changes, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, times of feeling blocked, major astrological transits, recurring physical symptoms and phobias.

The Metamorphic Technique is a highly effective way of assisting you when you are feeling stuck at any level, unlocking blocks in a gentle and uncomplicated way.

I love the way it can help family problems and, in particular, children. Because it uses the link between the gestation period, the spine and the feet, the traumas and fears stored in the body from before birth can be helped to be released. The spine, in particular, holds unresolved problems from the past in the form of tension. By gently massaging of specific points on the feet, hands and head, the metamorphic technique aids the loosening of these tensions, allowing you to get back into gear with your natural rhythm. Moving forward in time is our natural birthright, and I have seen many, many people  effectively release the old and get to know their greater potential by experiencing this healing method.

I have very much enjoyed seeing youngsters who have blocks facing exams, or who lack confidence with learning and fitting in, seemingly dissolve their old self image and start to feel freer.  Whether on an individual basis or in a group setting, it is very satisfying to show parents how to use this themselves for their offspring. It is relaxing to receive and I can’t recommend this healing method strongly enough!

I have used it since the late 80’s through natural health clinics in the south west as well as the south east of England. I like to combine it with my astrological work; often after a reading, a client feels drawn to experiencing a few sessions, due to wishing to heal some old ‘wound’ or assist a new growth phase in their life.

Change in life can make us feel very vulnerable; we may even choose to resist it and swim against the tide. As adults, it is often harder than for children to allow that vulnerability. This is one of the reasons I feel so enthusiastic about the metamorphic technique – it supports us in building bridges between the past and the future in ways which are safe and different for each one of us. Our own unique healing energy is activated and brings about a metamorphosis which is timely. There is a sense of coming home to ourselves, after having clogged our minds and thus our bodies with habits and poor self images from the past. Sessions last about one hour.

As I also run workshops, by invite, for groups and for couples and family members,  do  read below to find out what encapsulates the content of a typical Day.



  • The only thing we can be sure about in life is Change
  • We always need to adapt to new influences, challenges and situations
  • Through adaptation into new aspects we learn and grow
  • Resistance to change causes tension, maybe illness
  • Resistance comes about via fears, habits and deep conditioning

In this workshop setting you will gain practical and fascinating knowledge about the links between your feet, hands and head, the spine, the gestation period, and the growth periods of life, and how this helps your ongoing metamorphosis of body, mind and soul.

As our bodies and minds hold many tensions and shocks from the past, the metamorphic technique aids the loosening of these, allowing you to get back into gear with your own natural rhythm: thus helping you move forward in time. Whenever we feel stuck it is a sign, something new wants to come to birth and this is a healing method which encourages this process.

My aim is that you leave the workshop able to use this wonderful tool for growth with your family and friends.