Childrens Readings


Ideal, whether as a gift for christenings, birthdays etc, or for your own purposes. I take a constructive approach and see a child’s chart as an inspirational tool kit to be listened to and used regarding the  developmental years and with health,  education and vocational choices. Inner emotional wounds and areas of lack of confidence can be helped once their origins are recognized.  The chart can shed light on the child’s relationship with parents and siblings and gives an overview of  how he or she fits into the family line – what gifts, healing and influences are being introduced. These readings last between an hour and an hour and a half.


HUFFINGTON POST PARENTDISH ARTICLE: A great article by Marina Gask, with expert help from me.



Huffington Post


Lara Robinson, a clinical psychologist in her early 40s, had her son’s chart reading done by astrologer Ysanne Lewis when he was 10.

Finding it enormously helpful in understanding his hyperactive nature, it informed Lara’s educational choices for her son.

“He is a complex child,” she said. “The insight I gained into his psyche and family ancestry have enabled me to guide him better than I might have otherwise”.


Hugo Gough, a chartered surveyor in his 40s, had his daughter Zara’s chart read – also by Ysanne – when Zara was born 17 years ago. He found the observations and interpretations about her character to be incredibly accurate.

“When matters popped up in her little life and at school, we were able to draw on that guidance that Ysanne had first given,” he said. “A simple example was Zara’s keen desire to be in the spotlight and at the front of every queue.

“Ysanne had previously suggested that we might like to help her with this by getting her to ask if other friends would like to go first, or stand in the front. It was a way of enabling Zara to fulfill her natural desire to ‘show off her mane’, but do it in a way that took account of other’s needs as well as her own”.

Hugh has recently re-listened to the original tape.

“I’m amazed at how familiar so much of what she first said now seems to us, knowing Zara’s character as we now do,” he added. “I am going to suggest to Zara that she listens to the tape herself now she’s a teenager.”