Ysanne Lewis

Art of Timing Expert

Astrologer, Speaker, Writer

Art of Timing Expert

Astrologer, Speaker, Writer

Dr Jane Battenerg interviewing me on the present planetary cycles, timing and Covid 19. Jane is a remarkable teacher, author and wise woman. I have learnt so much from her over the years. Her work with Change Within and with Eye Yoga being two major aspects of her work I have benefitted from.

I am a Contributing Lifestyle Editor and write quarterly for RW Magazine: ‘Gems From The stars & Astrological Insights.’ Click on the logo on the right to read.

Ysanne Lewis

Known as The Art of Timing Expert & AdvisorYsanne is based in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Since 1979 Ysanne has been is a professional timing consultant, astrologer forecaster, writer & speaker. She has an ongoing international clientele in countries including Scandinavia, Austria & other European countries, the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, South Africa & Russia.


Your horoscope, based on your date, time (if you know it) & place of birth, is YOUR Soul’s contract with time & space in this lifetime. All this information lives within you, it is a roadmap & the routes we take in life, with their detours, crossroads and landscapes, are up to us to choose. The signposts which help us to link with our direction & to read the inner compass are where astrology comes in. Choose from Natal, Events, Updates & Relocation Readings.

Speaking & Events

An international keynote speaker, the Art of Timing Expert, astrologer and panellist of 36 years’ experience.

Ysanne travels the world from the UK & USA to Canada & Hong Kong; from Dubai & Europe to Australia & South Africa, consulting and producing readings for her clients, a range of high flyers, entrepreneurs and those in the public eye.

“On my 18th birthday, I was given the most wonderful gift from my grandfather who had passed away some years earlier, an astrological chart & reading on cassette tape he had commissioned from Ysanne. This had been done in 1987 shortly after I was born. My older sister had her chart handwritten … many many pages long in 1983 also. Now I am 31 with my own child & Ysanne is doing an updated chart & CD reading for both me & my daughter so I can give her the same wonderful gift on one of her special birthdays. A reading/chart from Ysanne has linked 3 generations of my family & is truly the most unique gift & experience that I have ever received & I will hold it close to my heart for a lifetime.” Katy Benson, Oregon, USA

“The Time Catcher is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read in quite a while. It has helped me reflect on the patterns at work in my own life, giving me insight into the unfolding of past events and showing me how I can allow my life to flow more smoothly as I move forward. I also love the way Ysanne’s own lovely voice comes through in every page of the book. I look forward to listening to the audio version!” Aimee Sears N. Carolina, USA

“Sretan dan Centre organized Ysanne’s two workshops in Zagreb, Croatia: The Art of Timing and Bring Your Horoscope Alive. Both workshops were well received and were full of deep insights, especially when Ysanne did personal plays of individual horoscopes. The students have learned a great deal about planets and their impact and gained new perspectives on their own life paths.

Ysanne has a way with people that they feel free to openly share their deep and intimate issues and it was beautiful to watch how the horoscope readings and plays gave them clarification and hope. There were some tears of joy, too. Thank you, Ysanne for your heartfelt workshops!” Sanja Plavljanic-Sirola, Stetan Dan Centre,  Zagreb, Croatia

The Time Catcher

Ysanne shares her knowledge of how she is inspired by the beautiful rhythms and messages in nature and the cosmos, and the importance of trusting our encoded inner timing. Order your signed copy now!

To Touch the Face of the Stars

Experience a magical journey to meet the key characters of the Planets within you in words, imagery and music on this unique CD and booklet. Order yours now!